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Fixed Dentures – Fort Valley, GA

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When you’ve either lost an entire arch of teeth or need them to be removed, you’ll want to get dentures as soon as possible so that you can continue to speak clearly and enjoy a varied diet. At first, you’ll probably assume you need traditional dentures that can be removed at night – but did you know that there are dentures that you won’t have to take out at all? If you’re facing a future with extensive tooth loss, contact us today so that you can ask Dr. Marable about fixed dentures in Fort Valley, GA.

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Why Choose Fantastic Smiles for Fixed Dentures?

What are Fixed Dentures?

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As you would no doubt expect from the name, fixed dentures are permanently anchored in place. This is done via dental implants, which are thin, screw-like titanium posts that interface directly with the jawbone. Implants serve a dual purpose: in addition to supporting your false teeth, they also stimulate the underlying bone. This means they can prevent bone loss, a benefit that you would not be able to enjoy with the traditional methods of tooth replacement.

How Do Fixed Dentures Work?

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Implants essentially act as the roots for your new teeth. They’ll be completely hidden under the gum line and won’t be visible in your mouth at all; casual observers will only see your dentures, which will be designed to look as natural as possible. A key feature of implants is that since they’re made out of titanium, they can fuse with the bone tissue. This grants them a high amount of stability as well as improved chewing power.

The Procedure

Animated dental implant supported denture placement

Before getting your actual dentures, the implants need to be surgically placed in your jaw. Fortunately, this is a relatively simple procedure. After the necessary preparations have been made, we can perform the surgery at our dental office. After numbing your mouth, we will place the implants at strategic areas in your jaw. You may receive four to eight implants in order to support a single arch of teeth, and the procedure itself could take one to three hours.

When Will I Get My New Teeth?

Man smiling after fixed denture  placement

After your implants have been placed, the question is when you’ll receive your dentures. Your implants need time to join with the jawbone, so they won’t be able to bear the burden of permanent new teeth right away. Sometimes it’s possible to place temporary dentures immediately so that you don’t have to go toothless in the meantime. It normally takes several months for the mouth to heal to the point where permanent dentures can be safely placed.

Surgery Aftercare

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Regardless of whether or not you have temporary dentures, you need to be very gentle with your implants until they’ve fully integrated with your jaw. This naturally means you’ll have to stick to a softer diet while avoiding hard or chewy foods. (Fortunately, the stability of implants means you’ll eventually be able to enjoy such foods again in the future.) Let us know right away if you notice any swelling or if your implants move slightly; these are sure signs that there’s a problem.

Benefits of Fixed Dentures

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Implant-supported prosthetics are considered the new gold standard for replacing teeth. When you get fixed dentures, you can enjoy multiple advantages, such as:

Are Fixed Dentures Right for Me?

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Are you a candidate for fixed dentures? Before we can answer that question, we need to examine your mouth. First, we need to determine if your tooth loss is extensive enough to warrant full dentures or if another type of prosthetic (such as a bridge) would be more appropriate. Then we need to check the density of the bone in your jaw as well as the health of your gums; any potential complications will have to be dealt with before surgery.

Fixed Dentures FAQs

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Are you ready to replace your missing teeth with a durable, natural-looking solution that lasts? While fixed dentures in Fort Valley are a wonderful way to rebuild your smile after tooth loss, they are also a major investment and a decision that you shouldn’t make lightly. Before you go through with this treatment, you should be as well-informed as possible. Our team is happy to address any concerns you may have, but first, we suggest reading through this list of frequently asked questions about fixed dentures.

How Much Do Fixed Dentures Cost?

This question is impossible to answer until we have evaluated your unique situation. The price of fixed dentures varies greatly depending on several factors, such as how many implants you need and whether you need any preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting or tooth extractions, beforehand. When you visit us for a denture consultation, we can examine your mouth and provide you with a cost estimate.

Will My Insurance Cover Fixed Dentures?

It depends on the specifics of your insurance policy. Most plans will not pay for dental implants, but they may cover part of the cost of the denture or preliminary work.

At Fantastic Smiles, we offer in-network savings for a wide variety of popular dental insurance plans, such as Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Delta Dental, and MetLife. Our team will gladly handle the paperwork for you and maximize the benefits you’re entitled to. If you need additional assistance paying for your dentures, we can help you apply for low-to-no interest financing through CareCredit or GreenSky.

How Long Do Fixed Dentures Last?

Unlike fixed dentures, traditional dentures do not stimulate the jawbone. As a result, the jaw gradually changes shape, and the denture must be adjusted every year or two and replaced completely every five to seven years. By contrast, a fixed denture can last significantly longer. While the denture itself might need to be replaced every decade or two, the dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime with the right maintenance.

How Do I Take Care of My Fixed Dentures?

Fixed dentures look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. Luckily, caring for them is similar to caring for your original pearly whites. For the most part, you can brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash just like you did before you lost your teeth. Flossing around an implant restoration can be a bit tricky, but we can suggest certain products, like a water flosser or a floss threader, that can make it easier for you.

Do I Still Need to Visit the Dentist If I Have Fixed Dentures?

Yes! Even if you have no natural teeth remaining, you should still visit your dentist in Fort Valley on a regular basis. For most patients, this means twice a year, but you may require more frequent visits depending on the state of your oral and general health. During these visits, we can give your dentures a professional cleaning and remove built-up plaque. We can also examine your mouth for signs of problems such as gum disease and treat them early on.

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