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Cosmetic Dentistry – Fort Valley, GA

How Can We
Improve Your Smile?

When you see your teeth in the mirror or in a photograph, what’s the first though that comes to mind? Are you happy with how your smile looks, or are there some flaws that you wish you could get rid of? With the variety of cosmetic services available at Fantastic Smiles, Dr. Marable can help you plan a new smile that you can be confident in. Get started by calling us today to schedule your consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry in Fort Valley, GA.

Woman with beautiful smile after cosmetic dentistry

Why Choose Fantastic Smiles for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Porcelain Veneers

Woman's smile compared with porcelain veneer shade chart

In many cases, a porcelain veneer will be the first solution a dentist thinks of when their patient has more than one cosmetic flaw they’d like to correct. Veneers are attached directly to the front of your teeth, changing their color, shape, size, or length. Doing this hides stains, cracks, chips, misshapen teeth, and gaps all at the same time. Most people won’t even realize that the veneers aren’t a natural part of your teeth thanks to the custom-shaded porcelain they’re made of.

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Metal-Free Dental Crowns

Woman with metal free dental crown smiling

Getting a crown is often a necessary step for protecting a weakened tooth that’s in danger of fracturing or becoming infected. However, that does not mean you can’t still consider the effects the restoration will have on your appearance. Instead of a metal crown, we can give you one made out of a ceramic material that can be shaded to match your other teeth. As an aesthetic bonus, ceramic crowns tend to be more stain-resistant than natural enamel.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Woman smiling after cosmetic dental bonding

For smaller corrections that can be dealt with quickly, you should definitely consider cosmetic bonding. This is often a cost-effective alternative to veneers when there are only a few changes you want to make. The cosmetic bonding process is very simple compared to other treatments and can be done in less than an hour; we simply apply composite resin directly to the tooth and mold it until it blends in with the tooth’s natural enamel.

KOR® Teeth Whitening

Woman with bright smile after KoR teeth whitening

Whitening strips and toothpaste normally only remove the stains on the surface of your teeth, also known as extrinsic stains. They can’t do anything about the intrinsic stains beneath the enamel. That is where KoR whitening comes in. The gels used for this type of whitening are filled with powerful ingredients that penetrate the enamel to break up the stain molecules wherever they’re located. KoR whitening kits are all customized so that you can use them comfortably at home on your own schedule.

Learn More About Teeth Whitening

Virtual Smile Design

Woman looking at virtual smile design on computer screen

The last thing you want is to pay for a cosmetic procedure only to be disappointed by the results. To make sure your expectations are realistic, we’re pleased to offer virtual smile design. Simply put, by taking a picture of your teeth and digitally altering it, we can give you a “preview” of what your smile will look like after we have placed a veneer, completed cosmetic bonding, or performed a whitening procedure. Feel free to take the pictures home with you and see what your family thinks!

Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Piggy bank atop model teeth representing cost of cosmetic dentistry in Fort Valley

Ready to achieve the beautiful, confident, and healthy smile you deserve? When you visit our team here at Fantastic Smiles for a consultation, we’ll discuss your goals for your smile and evaluate your oral health. From there, we’ll fully explain which treatments would best help you reach your desired results. As part of this process, we’ll also give you a personalized estimate of costs, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when choosing one of our services. What’s more, we’ll also be happy to go over your options for making your treatment affordable! Read on to learn more about the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Fort Valley.

What Cosmetic Dental Service is Right for Me?

Fort Valley cosmetic dentist smiling and holding piggy bank

Naturally, the cost of your new smile will depend largely on which service you choose to move forward with. We’re proud to offer an array of services at different price points so you can get exactly what you’re looking for without breaking the bank. Here’s how the costs of some of our most popular cosmetic services stack up against each other:

  • Teeth Whitening – A professional teeth whitening treatment is an easy and affordable way to make a dramatic difference in your smile. Teeth whitening treatments are some of the most cost-effective cosmetic services available, and the stunning results can last for a year with the proper care.
  • Cosmetic Dental Bonding – For minor chips, stains, gaps, and other dental imperfections, cosmetic dental bonding is an excellent choice. This treatment can conceal flaws in one simple appointment at a low price.
  • Veneers – While veneers are certainly more expensive than most other cosmetic services, they arguably offer the most comprehensive results. Veneers can perfectly mask all manner of aesthetic issues in your pearly whites, and with the proper care, they can last 30 years or more.
  • Metal-Free Crowns – Our metal-free crowns can help your weakened or damaged teeth look and feel their best. These natural-looking restorations will blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile while restoring function. Crowns are often not used strictly for cosmetic purposes, so oftentimes they receive some dental insurance coverage.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be An Investment Worth Making

Businesswoman smiling after paying for cosmetic dentistry in Fort Valley

When you invest in cosmetic dentistry, you’re investing in your confidence and quality of life alongside your appearance. Having a beautiful smile will encourage you to practice better dental hygiene and you’ll naturally feel more comfortable smiling. Not only does smiling reduce blood pressure and release endorphins, but a beautiful smile can make you appear more confident, successful, attractive, and trustworthy to those around you. Having a dazzling set of pearly whites could potentially make all the difference on a first date or job interview!

How to Make Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

receptionist and patient discussing cost of cosmetic dentistry in Fort Valley

Just because cosmetic dentistry isn’t covered by dental insurance doesn’t mean that it can’t be affordable! At Fantastic Smiles, we’re proud to offer a few ways to help our patients save money on the smile they’ve always wanted, such as:

  • Flexible financing ­– We’ve partnered with CareCredit and Greensky to offer flexible financing options for qualifying patients. These third-party companies have numerous plans to choose from that help break up the cost of your treatment into smaller payments.
  • Smile Savers Plan – With our in-house Smile Savers Plan, you can get the regular preventive care you need to keep your smile healthy, as well as a 25% discount on all other services, including cosmetic treatments!
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